Image of Joey Watson, <i>Boli Oracle</i>, 2017

Joey Watson, Boli Oracle, 2017


Joey Watson
Boli Oracle, 2017
Pigmented porcelain, glaze, silly putty, quartz
10 x 10 x 12"

From Piles, Stacks, Lumps & Mounds
A group exhibition curated by CHIAOZZA

Boli altars come from the Bamana peoples of Mali. The forms are encrusted with sacred material believed to imbue them with supernatural energy for the benefit of the entire tribe. These altars are perpetually growing as layer upon layer of offerings are smeared onto them in ceremonial procedure. In this way the boli are seen as living beings that require a kind of ritual nutrition to sustain their function. I consider these strategies when glazing my work. As i cake materials onto the form i think about the transformation that takes place when it melts into the surface of the clay. The glaze i formulated for this piece bubbles during the firing as organic material burns off & gasses out. I like to think about it as an exhaltion, a proclamation of its life-force. An enduring representation of my own.
– Joey Watson

Objects are on view until May 31, 2017, at 265 Canal Street NYC. Artworks will be available for pick-up or shipping after May 31. Enter code STUDIOPICKUP if you plan to pick up the piece in person and you will not be charged for shipping.