Image of David B. Smith, <i>American Dream Fragment #1</i>, 2017

David B. Smith, American Dream Fragment #1, 2017


David B. Smith
American Dream Fragment #1, 2017
Digitally woven cotton, polyester, thread
11 x 8 x 8"

From Piles, Stacks, Lumps & Mounds
A group exhibition curated by CHIAOZZA

American Dream Fragment #1 is a playful puzzle which weaves plush shapes together to create an unfamiliar, yet oddly-cozy sculpture. The patterned fabric is based on images from collective digital memory which is cut and stuffed to make individual puzzle-pieces. When combined, the layered form is reminiscent of natural structures, as well as memory, identity, and dreaming.

Objects are on view until May 31, 2017, at 265 Canal Street NYC. Artworks will be available for pick-up or shipping after May 31. Enter code STUDIOPICKUP if you plan to pick up the piece in person and you will not be charged for shipping.