Image of Confetti Frame in Teal and Magenta
  • Image of Confetti Frame in Teal and Magenta

Confetti Frame in Teal and Magenta

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The Confetti Frame is one in a series of playful geometric wall pieces designed and made by CHIAOZZA. The floating curved piece is made by steaming wood and bending it over a mold.

The series "A-Frames" explores color, shape and display in the form of sculptural wall objects. Hand-cut using simple wooden joinery, their components slot together and can be hung on a nail. They are ideal for displaying collections of small objects and curios, yet are beautiful on their own as art objects themselves.

The shelves are inspired by a Danish folk design from the island of Amager, near Copenhagen, and are cut with traditional woodworking saws. Shapes include variations on triangles, parallelograms, circles, and letter forms.

Please note that each object is hand-made to order in limited editions, so each frame varies slightly from piece to piece. While we make every effort to be consistent, the handmade quality and imperfections are part of the uniqueness and charm of each object.

Colors: wood stains (cherry, walnut, natural, and golden pecan), ice green, magenta, cream yellow, yellow; luminous red backside
Dimensions: 15.5 x 3 x 15.5" (39 x 7.5 x 39 cm)
Materials/Finish: wood with matte acrylic paint and oil-based wood stain (no finish coat)
Care: dry dust and use gently