Image of Chen Chen & Kai Williams, <i>Moonmilk Shard</i>, 2016

Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Moonmilk Shard, 2016


Chen Chen & Kai Williams
Moonmilk Shard, 2016
Cement, steel stand
27 x 13 x 6" (includes steel stand)

From Piles, Stacks, Lumps & Mounds
A group exhibition curated by CHIAOZZA

The shard is made of layers of cement dripped onto itself. Formed like a stalactite in a cave. The shard is smashed off of a much larger structure that is ever growing in our studio. We began forming the larger structure at the same time as our move into our current studio space. It is a visual representation of our time in the space and our attempt at recording that time in geological terms.
– Chen & Kai

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