Image of Brent Owens, <i>Plasma Heap</i>, 2017

Brent Owens, Plasma Heap, 2017


Brent Owens
Plasma Heap, 2017
Wood, acrylic paint, hardware
18 x 11 x 16"

From Piles, Stacks, Lumps & Mounds
A group exhibition curated by CHIAOZZA

Plasma Heap is a pile of fire, or rather a sculpture of one. The piece was conceived bearing in mind the idea of articulating an ephemeral, intangible subject in a very material fashion. The chunkiness of the wood these forms are rendered in, and the format of a pile, provide opportunities to explore the limitations of material to define an ephemeral form, and by extension, the clumsiness of the attempt to get a solid hold on the ephemeral.

Objects are on view until May 31, 2017, at 265 Canal Street NYC. Artworks will be available for pick-up or shipping after May 31. Enter code STUDIOPICKUP if you plan to pick up the piece in person and you will not be charged for shipping.